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seriously, look at mastermind, JAPAN, and F.C.R.B's blockbuster collaboration is exciting. I believe that for all of you before the screen, these two brands need not be introduced. But looking at both sides of the joint single goods, it is very difficult to move. Simple black T-shirt, plus , F.C.R.B logo, and the back of skull is only mastermind JAPAN Logo only, joint is the Logo stack together? by the United States famous Sneakerhead DJ Khaled teamed up with Jordan Brand to build Air Jordan 3 "Grateful", in a new form of prediction. DJ Khaled has opened a web link, and as long as he has ordered his new album, he will win a pair of Air Jordan 3 "Grateful"". This pair of red color shoes, shoes and shoes in the support areas are "WE THE BEST", "GREATFUL", "stillinthemeeting" and other unique slogans. Like friends, might as well try. Friends who want to join here,Nike Lebron 11 spy-prone 2013-12-08 23:18:43 Following LeBron on foot last week in training after a pair of mysterious unexposed shoes, Lebron series of discussions on a new member of the 11th generation will be heard. Soon, the network on Lebron 11 spy has frequently exposed. this clear from the latest spy photos we can see, this Lebron 11 has a very futuristic styling, shoes are used Fuse equipped Foam material composition, but hidden in the shoes fly line at the opening design is enriched for the design of this shoe uppers lot. According to reliable sources, this Lebron 11 will be released around October this year, the first release will contain 5 different colors, now is not to determine whether to include pictures of this cheap air jordans online color, but we are concerned about price, although this Foam material times increased, but the price still will remain at $ 200. Nike LeBron10 PE debut network 2014-08-20 11:25:18 & nbsp; network recently released one pair of James in the Miami home when Nike LeBron 10 "bench" PE shoes, white as the base color, details and against the background of vamps modified red outsole, midsole and gray along with ink spots . This figure shoe size is US13, both from the upper or the sole point of view, James should not have been wearing it battle arena, as opposed to "positive selection" of Nike & nbsp; LeBron 10, this pair of shoes, whether the use of color or details of the modification are stronger than the "regular election", but we failed to see it appear in court can be considered a small regret. & nbsp; & nbsp; Tubular series Nic Galway Originals footwear by the vice president of global product design leadership adidas design team carefully built, has inherited the classic adidas Originals Tubular 93 shoe design, "blood", and in which infuse modern elements, it can be described as walking in Times front of the new generation works. In addition, including Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3), adidas By Rick Owens, including heavy joint family, and Pure boost and Y-3 Qasa other popular shoes have a big success Galway indelible contribution. Jordan Future all-black color physical exposure 2014-05-06 22:46:58 Last weekend, Jordan Future breath exposure of 16 kinds of color, which Jordan Future "Multi-color" color of the kind have been the first stage, and now the network has expo jordan shoes online sale sed a kind of all-black color, with a black upper with black outsole, only used on the tongue a little gold, the overall visual effect is cool. It is reported that this color will be on sale in the summer and fall of this year, it is worth looking forward to something.lightweight woven uppers for Nike Air Max 95 Ultra JCRD injected a lot of energy, blue and white of the main tone highlights the simplicity, but also shows the fashionable sports wind ~ is now available on Nike China's official website. Nike Air Max 95 Ultra JCRD color: Black / Blue / Grey / white number: 749771-401 sale price: $1299 what? Sneaker broke the news, March 17th will sell 8 Adidas NMD new color? But Xiao Bian learned that, not 8, but 14! , you're right! It's the 14! Foot, Locker and Eastbay have released detailed release lists on their respective official websites, offering dates, colour names, sizes and prices. hunch, what's the experience of a big wave of NMD attack? We have just seen before Crazy light version of the style, a lightweight bright blue Forum Mid Lite announced today, not only in the pursuit of the ultimate slim, while reducing the weight of the shoes for comfort breathable, Adidas shoes now is playing a more and more light on the air. This section uses a bright blue cloth net body collocation bright yellow upper fixed and ankle straps. This section is now on sale at Shopadidas for $105, and friends like Adidas Originals shoes will definitely make you the highlight of the summer. on the net today presents a group of new images will be list cheap air jordans ed in the summer Jordan CMFT Viz Air 13, including black, white / Grey / White / Black / Purple / grey and white three colors, and the material is everything from the patent to the matte leather, color also use a relatively low-key dark gray and white tone, for now is the summer leisure shoes for the friends of the three color should be a good choice. }'! F; C. a) q#& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation Along with earnings being released in stages, the signs of recovery began sports brands become clear. Unlike past years shrouded in performance cut, pessimism scale closed shop, the sports brand in broken wrist after starting self-help usher in the spring. In 2008 as a watershed, a major player in China's sporting goods market situation over the past five years have suffered a decline in performance, the Chinese local sporting goods company even cut performance, large-scale closed shop pains, including Nike, including foreign brands also appeared decline in performance. However, in 2014, the transition has achieved initial success, Adidas, Nike in the Chinese market have achieved earnings growth, some domestic brand sales also appeared to pick up. Adidas, Nike performance recovery In the Chinese market, intense competition 2014 fiscal year results Adidas recently released data show that sales in Greater China 1.811 billion euros, an increase of 10%, which is the fifth consecutive year of growth in the Chinese market since Adidas FY10. But Adidas profits are still falling. In 2014, its net profit was 564 million euros, compared to 773 million euros last ye Cheap air jordans for sale ar fell by 27%. Worse, Adidas's market share in the United States recently surpassed the United States the local sports brand Under Armour. Adidas rival Nike is also China's largest market was the recovery performance. As of November 30, 2014, Nike Greater China revenue to achieve a 21% growth. Adidas and Nike, to compete in the Chinese market is still heating up. 2014 fiscal year, Nike Greater China revenue of $ 2.602 billion, Adidas Greater fiscal 2014 was 1.811 billion euros, to catch up with Nike, Adidas is still a long way to go in terms of size. Nike's ambitions in the Chinese market more than that, in 2014, Nike and Adidas replace national football signed a 12-year sponsorship contract, "Competition in the Chinese market is not one hundred meters sprint sprint, but a marathon." Nike CEO Mark? Parker has eloquently expressed. part of the local brand sales pick and world brands widening gap Since the second half of 2011, the entire domestic sporting goods industry and a sharp decline in the performance of large-scale closed shop tide. Only in the first half of 2013, Li Ning, Anta, China Dongxiang, special steps and 361 & deg; and six Chinese local brands, the total number of stores closed as high as 2249. 2014 ?? some of the local sports brand transition to bear fruit. ANTA Sports announced the 2014 results show that its operating income was 8.923 billion yuan, an increase of 22.5% over 2013, compared with 2013 net profit growth of 29.3 percent to 1.7 billion yuan. Li Ning still low back irresolute, estimated loss amount throughout the year 2014 more than 820 million yuan. Cheap jordans online "before the local sports brand are big wholesale model, do not focus on retail, operating efficiency is relatively low." The key road sports consulting firm CEO Zhang of the Beijing Morning Post, told reporters that when the market environment changes, the face of the electricity supplier and the impact of fast fashion, greatly influenced by the local sports brand. Zhang pointed out that local brands only two paths before if it continues to follow the concept of sports, you have competition and leisure brands, if you take the professional sports field, you need a long process. "local sports brand and world brands of the gap in fact widening," Zhang pointed out, however, because of the huge Chinese market, there will be one or two local brands have to become king of all categories among the frontline. rush pushed "running shoes" New Balance are not as explosive growth Despite the rebound performance in the Chinese market, but in front of the New Balance performance explosive growth, Nike and Adidas are obviously bleak. Overnight, New Balance running shoes has become China's young consumers must have fashions, big N word in the streets. From 2012 to 2014, New Balance in the number of stores in mainland China jumped from 301 to more than 1,600, two years of sales also reached triple-digit growth by leaps and bounds. In the industry view, New Balance in recent years appeared in the explosive growth of the Chinese market thanks to its local conditions, innovative strategies to adapt to the local market, and this strategy has a strong reference to other brands. Insiders pointed out that New Balance running shoes are not high-end market in the United States, but in the Chinese market to reposition itself in the Direct and product after subtraction of magic, New Balance has become a marketing miracle. Insiders pointed out that New Balance in China's rapid expansion is to catch up with the catalytic transformation of the Chinese sports market and the "star effect", but can not be ignored is that the transformation of New Balance global production systems is an important factor in the success of one. "People who bought New Balance running shoes did not wear running most." An industry source pointed out that the myth of New Balance's sales from its classic series of more casual clothing epidemic match. New Balance popular even in segments threat to Nike, Adidas. Zhang pointed out that, although with Nike, Adidas is not a body of magnitude, but in this segment of motor function running shoes, New Balance Nike, Adidas and other veteran sports brand threat. New Balance to lead "jogging wave" or even transfer to the local sports brand in the field. Current domestic brands are gradually running overweight category. Xtep played "love running Actel step," the advertisement, including a number of brands including ANTA is constantly running activities initiated. Zhang pointed out that in the category of running shoes, jogging shoes occupy 8 percent of the share, only rush to push sports brand running shoes, "Despite more competitive, they have no choice." betting on female consumers still has potential to be tapped In addition to the rush to push jogging shoes, the female consumer to become the next sports brand a betting object. Like a good discussion like Nike, Adidas invariably choose betting the female consumer. In order to meet the needs of female consumers, Nike has developed a specific application, regularly updated female products Collection, by the end of November last year, Nike has opened in Shanghai following the Los Angeles Women's experience of the world's second woman shop Experience store. Women Adidas has opened stores in Beijing and Chengdu. good at "Trafficking lifestyle" Nike will set up shop in the grounds of the women experience increased by one level, "female experience store will once again prove our commitment to the Greater China market and female consumers - to bring their best Nike products and services. Nike has always been committed to encouraging women around the world is put into motion, with movement to change their lives. "In contrast, more tangible reasons for Adidas. "Women category is one of our fastest growing category, which we see great potential for growth. Since 2013 our women's product marketing activities, we have seen strong growth in sales of women's category, but also significantly increased brand awareness of our target consumer groups. "Adidas said the woman opened stores will make our brand closer to female consumers. "F consumer group can not be ignored." Zhang pointed out that it is due to the current in the field of sports goods female consumers less than normal, so have the potential to be tapped. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: & nbsp; Lung send men & nbsp; Red Branch shoes.) on the Internet recently exposed a blue purple Air Foamposite Pro spy, and revealed the number of 624041-402 will be listed in February 7th next year. And the shoes black, purple and blue collocation whether some " Aqua" color charm? yesterday just fresh MILK was Japan's 4 major brands of 2009 Perview is really the biggest gospel of the influx of people, including Neighborhood, Bape, UNDEROVER, VISVIM, don't say so much. Go look and say the story of. Neighborhood's 2009 S/S Holiday In The theme is " Sun " which we are looking forward to him again in the Mexico short jacket, it is nice to have no, can not. It is to make people look forward to a single product, processing M65 shirt and coat, and there are 2009 King basic let us see, Basic has a very attractive, is the processing position on the red line. fashion , as well as the birth of the CdG Black series, makes CdG more attractive. It's really a one hundred thousand minute wait for. Source: MILK download (126.85 KB) Download (106.16 KB) Download (124.24 KB)Nike Lebron 10 color jade Chinese Version Spy Shots 2013-12-08 22:27:17 recently living in Shanghai sinks Lebron James Nike campaign for Nike doing product promotion on foot when a pair of the latest color of Lebron 10. From the spy photos we can see, this pair of Lebron shoe 10 is jade color, with red embellishment. According to business manager James's presentation, this jade-colored Lebron 10 this year will be the Chinese version of color. The Chinese version of Lebron 10 to interested friends, we can continue to focus our follow-up reports.